Discover what the press has to say about
The Portal Winnipeg!

"If you're looking to do something fun this summer — or anytime for that matter — check out The Portal!"

"It's so realistic, we've had people sit on virtual reality chairs, or lean on virtual reality tables"

"If you've never had a chance to experience virtual reality, you need to come down to The Portal"

"You've never played a game like this, you're going to try it one time, you're going to be hooked"

"It's so amazing – it makes you feel like you're in another place and it takes you completely out of your element"

"Virtually reality is opening up games. It's no longer for the target demographic of young guys"

"Wow, I feel like I could reach out and touch one of its fins! It feels so real around you"

"Every muscle in my body tensed, it felt like I was really there. It's so realistic, it's such an amazing sensation"

"If anyone likes a thrill, and is very brave, then they should definitely give it a go"

"It was just absolutely insane, such a nice experience, it felt like real life"

"You don’t understand why everyone is talking about VR until you try it"

"When you put the headset on, you’re in a different world — when you take the headset off it’s a shock to some people"