Take Your Team Bonding Sessions to the Next Level

Team building activities are always a great time. Not only do they tighten your work crew and build the confidence that you need to topple any workplace challenge, but they can also just be a great way to unwind outside the office and have a ton of fun! 

Take on All Challenges

Professional AND Virtual

Team building exercises often have a particular pain point they’re trying to address, whether it’s tension within the team, stress from a challenging project, or a lack of cohesion in the office

Whatever challenge you’re
looking to overcome, our
games are tailor-made
to serve your crew!


Want to improve team communication?

Bring your team in for a session of 

Keep Talking & Nobody Explodes

Watch as one of your team members is tasked with defusing a bomb while the rest of the group works together to decipher the  clues and guide the  unfortunate soul safely out  of the hurt locker!

Do you want to unleash your team’s collective creativity? Jump into 


Take your Pictionary game to the next level
with 3D paintings and sketches that will have the whole team howling.


Fun for All Ages! 

Whether you’re a young professional who’s fresh out of school or a seasoned veteran who’s a kid at heart, our  simulations and games are designed to appeal to the sense of wonder in every customer who walks through our door. 


Our vast vault of VR adventures contains many of the modern classics of cutting-edge gaming, with some of our favourite team-building hits being:


  • Rec Room

  • Elven Assassin

  • Sweet Escape

  • Budget Cuts

  • And many more!


Team building exercises are fundamental for
improving your company’s operations and
boosting employee morale.

If you’re looking for a place that will have
your employees bragging about their work
to all their friends, then


to book a day of virtual fun
you won’t soon forget.


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